Setting Up a Replay on BigMarker
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You've set up your talks on BigMarker - and now you want to add replays to your site so attendees can watch your talks again and again. Follow these steps to either automatically or manually set up your BigMarker replays!

To automatically add a BigMarker replay:

If you recorded your presentation, BigMarker will notify you by email when it's ready.

  1. You want to verify that the replay is published in BigMarker and that your privacy settings are Private and only anyone with the webinar link can attend.

  2. If you want BigMarker to keep track of who views your recording, you can require registration, but otherwise, leave View Recording permissions set to Everyone and deselect Require Registration to view recordings.

  3. Once, your replay is ready, return to HeySummit to verify the replay is ready. Go to Content > Talks and locate the talk the replay belongs to.

  4. Open the talk's menu (...) and select Replay Details.

  5. BigMarker automatically records your live sessions and adds them as a Replay once the live talk is done. But if it's not there for some reason, select Any Other Video and insert the replay link sent to your email by BigMarker.

  6. If you want the replay to be active, check the Make Replay Active? checkbox.

Manually set up your BigMarker replay:

  1. Go to My Recordings in BigMarker and find the recording you want to use.​

  2. Ensure your recording is Published and your Privacy Settings are set like this at a minimum:

    Private - Do not list webinar publicly
    Anyone with the webinar link can view
    View Recording Permissions is set to 'Everyone'
    Register to View Recording is deselected

  3. Copy the embed code by clicking the Copy Embed Code located under the video. It will look something like this; <iframe allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="410" src="" width="600"></iframe>

  4. Go to HeySummit, and in the Talk menu select Replay Details.

  5. Choose BigMarker as your video player and then enter the Video ID found in the copied code. In this example above, it is 756310150799 which is located after Note, that this is not the same as the Webinar ID.

  6. Make sure the Replay is set to Active and Save.

You're good to go, happy summiting!

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