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Sponsors can help drive revenue, as well as awareness for your event. You would like to know how to add these to your event. With HeySummit, there are two types of sponsors that you can set up - Main, Category, Talk and Stage.

  1. Main sponsors will have their logo (with a link to their site) included on the summit landing page and also in the sidebar on every other page. They are also included in the promo graphics created within the platform and in the footer of the emails that are sent out - so they get a lot of exposure, meaning you can charge a healthy amount for that style of sponsorship.

  2. Do note that when updating a sponsor logo, it is normal to see a slight delay before the new logo appears on the site. You may even see the logo update on the talks page before the main event page. As long as you see the correct logo in the Sponsor List, it will soon update across your event site.

  3. Category sponsors, on the other hand, are linked to a specific category within your summit. A category sponsor will have their logo and link shown in the sidebar of any speaker and talk page, where the talk/speaker is linked to the category they are sponsoring.

  4. To add or edit a sponsor, head to your event dashboard. From there, click on Content > Sponsors > Add Sponsor.

  5. From there, you can decide if you want them as a main or category sponsor.

HeySummit automatically promotes sponsorship opportunities on your page. To turn this off (effectively, to hide the "sponsor this conference" button from your summit's public page, head to Content > Sponsors > (...) > Settings and toggle off the "Promote sponsor opportunities?". This will prevent potential sponsors from contacting you.

If you've chosen the "Main" placement for your sponsors and want to hide them in the Speaker, Schedule, Replays, and Category sections, you can do so in the Page Editor by clicking on 'Hide Sponsors?' under Additional Settings.

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