Setting up an event-wide giveaway
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You are thinking of using giveaways to incentivise attendees to register and participate in your event.

Quick start

Giveaways can either be provided by some (or all) of your speakers or alternatively on an event-wide basis (i.e. unrelated to the speakers).

  1. To set up a giveaway for the whole event, head into your event dashboard and click the Content menu.

  2. Go into the Offers and Giveaway action menu and select + Add Offer or Giveaway.

  3. On the form that will open, you can now enter the details for the giveaway.

Do note that evergreen summits do not allow for giveaway prize draws as they do not have an end date and hence, winners cannot be generated.

How are attendees added to a giveaway prize-draw?
1. By sharing the event across one of their social accounts when registering for the event

  • When an attendee signs up for your event, they will be given the option to share the event across their social channels. If they do this, we will enter them into the prize-draw for you. Please note, that we currently log the attendees 'intent' to share. This means that if they click the button to share socially, we will log that intent. We do not check for the existence of the actual social post. Attendees receive one entry in total, not per social share.

2. By turning up live to one of your talks

  • As an incentive to encourage your attendees to turn up live to your talks, we will enter them into the same prize-draw (if they haven't already been entered) simply by turning up to the talk live. This is all done automatically. If your talk is pre-recorded, then this option will not be activated.

How does HeySummit generate and notify the winner?

Winners are automatically selected by the platform. If the giveaway is being offered by a speaker, a winner will be selected 24 hours after the talk has taken place. If on the other hand, the giveaway is being offered on a summit-wide level, a winner will be chosen at the end of the entire event, not just after one talk. These will appear under Reporting > Giveaway Winners.

When a winner is generated, the system will automatically block the host or speaker from being able to win. It is not possible for an attendee to win the same prize twice.

In scenarios where you have several giveaways and there are few attendees who watched the live sessions or didn't share the event after registration, and as a result, we've exhausted the pool of eligible attendees to choose from, then we will select any random attendee from the event (assuming they are not a speaker, host, event organiser or an attendee that has already won a giveaway).

Any giveaway that has been successfully sent will be indicated in green, and in the event that no giveaway winner is identified for a particular giveaway, it will be marked with a tag saying "No Giveaway Winners Found."

When a winner is selected, they will be sent an email.

More of a visual learner? Please see our video guidance below.

If you would like to set up a giveaway for a specific session, read this article.

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