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Where do Giveaways, Offers and Freebies Appear?
Where do Giveaways, Offers and Freebies Appear?
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You have thought a lot about how to increase value for your attendees and drive up registrations through perks, but you are wondering what their visibility is like on your summit site. Here is a comprehensive list of where they appear on the website.

Quick start

There are two types of perks that you can set up: at the Event Level and the Talk Level (specific to a certain Speaker). Here is where these perks are advertised throughout your summit page:


  • Giveaway - Perks page, End of Registration

  • Offer - Perks page


  • Giveaway - Perks page, Individual Speaker Page, and Individual Talk Page

  • Offer - End of day 'Replay & Exclusive Offers' email

  • Freebie - Individual Talk Pages, and Speaker Pages

Remember that any speakers with a perk attached to them will have a badge attached to their profile picture/ talk record within the Schedule page.

Note: The Perks Page will open up after you create an Offer or Giveaway. There will be a new header link to the Perks Page labeled Perks that you can customise if you would like.

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