Creating Offers and Giveaways
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An offer makes your summit more attractive and enticing, capturing the attention of your audience by providing added value.

To set up an offer to incentivise your audience and give them that extra encouragement to register for your summit, here are quick and straightforward steps for you to follow.

  1. If you would like to provide exclusive offers (separate from any offers made available by your speakers) to attendees, head to Content > Offers and Giveaways > Add Offer or Giveaway.

  2. Fill out the offer or giveaway details and hit Save when you're done.

  3. You can also restrict access to offers and giveaways to specific tickets by choosing under the 'Restrict to Tickets?' drop-down menu. This is helpful if you might want to create a discount offer but only make it available to those who have purchased certain tickets.

  4. If the offer or giveaway is being provided by one of your speakers, you can link it to their talk. Or you can also link them to a sponsor.

If you want to enable your speakers to add their own offers and giveaways, please make sure to turn on this feature in the speaker settings. Go to Contents > Speakers and click (...) on the top right corner of the page.

Additionally, ensure that you have sent their speaker logins and they have accepted the invite for them to access their speaker dashboards. To do this, go to Contents > Speakers > (...) next to the name of the speaker and click Send Login Details.

You can also upload files up to 10MB directly to an offer or freebie, in addition to the existing option of adding a link to an external URL.

Learn more about where Offers and Giveaways appear in your event.

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