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Content Insights: Understanding Your Attendee's Engagement
Content Insights: Understanding Your Attendee's Engagement
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Aggregated Event Attendance Chart is your essential tool for offering a complete overview of attendee engagement across various formats of your event's content. This will help you understand how your audience interacts with your event, giving you valuable insights.

Simply navigate to Reports > Content Insights in your event dashboard.

Here's what it includes:

  1. Overall Event Attendance: This represents the percentage of attendees who participated in your event by watching at least one live broadcast or replay.

  2. Broadcast Attendance: This specific data focuses on attendees who engaged with at least one live broadcast during the event.

  3. Replay Attendance: This specific data focuses on attendees who watched at least one replay of a broadcast.

To gain deeper insights into attendee behaviour and content effectiveness, there's a comprehensive view of your event's engagement metrics.

Total Unique Live Broadcast Views: Track the total number of unique viewers for each live broadcast, giving you a clearer understanding of live session popularity.

Replay Views Count: Assess the ongoing interest in your content with the total count of replay views.

Average Attendance Duration: Now available for both live and replay broadcasts, this metric helps you gauge the level of engagement and audience retention throughout your sessions.

Additionally, detailed analytics are available to aid in making informed decisions. By understanding the media preferences of your audience, you can tailor content to maximize engagement and deliver optimal value to your attendees.

Track Top Media Downloads: Quickly identify which media files are most popular among your attendees, enabling you to understand better what content resonates with your audience.

Track Perk Redemption by Attendees: This feature enables event organizers to track when an attendee redeems a perk, such as an offer or freebie.

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