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Why have I not received my payout?
Why have I not received my payout?
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This article covers a feature that is not offered after November 24, 2021.

HeySummit no longer operates a payout system. By 24 November 2021, all Event Organizers must connect a custom Stripe or PayPal Business account to sell paid tickets for your event. Individual payment providers and attendee imports are now available to all plan levels to facilitate your ticket sales. The pending payout from sales made before this date will still be issued.

We process payouts on the first business day of every month. Payment information that is added after this time will result in that payout being processed the following month.

Note: for Event Organiser accounts created after 6th Sept 2021, the payouts associated with your account will be withheld for up to 60 days after the last payment was processed to ensure any charge-back fees from your attendees are covered.

We recommend a few things to ensure your payout is processed properly and on time:

  1. Be sure your payout information is entered correctly first. Please refer to this article on how to set up payout information.

  2. When we send a payout, Wise starts the payout process to the email address entered under your Payout Settings. Checkout out a bit more information on Wise in this article.

  3. If you already have a Wise account under this email, the amount will be deposited automatically into your account and the bank information stored will be used.

  4. If you do not have a Wise account yet, once you set up your info under settings, Wise will send you an email (to the email previously provided), notifying you about a payment, and asking you to input your details to collect your payment.

If you do not respond to the Wise email within a week, the payment will be returned to HeySummit. If this happens, let us know at [email protected], and we should be able to process it again.

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