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How To Update the Event Organiser's Details
How To Update the Event Organiser's Details
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Someone has left your company or is no longer in charge of the account and you want to see if you can change the details.

Option 1:

You still have access to the HeySummit account and/or the email inbox that the Event Organizer account is connected to.

While logged into the Event Organizer account, head to Account Dashboard > Profile to change the email address.

You can then email us at [email protected] (via the email address the account is under) with a request to update the details in our payment processor too so that the appropriate person receives invoice/billing notifications via email.

Option 2:

The person currently in charge of the account is no longer with the company and you no longer have access to their email inbox.

You can email us at [email protected] from your own organization email with the request. Our team will then try to reach out to the current Event Organizer email address. If we have no response in 3 working days, we will go ahead and make the changes and then let you know.

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