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My Summit emails haven't sent
My Summit emails haven't sent
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Some of your attendees or speakers haven't received their emails and you are worried that something might be going awry.

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Here are the most common issues that would prevent an email template from getting sent:

Before diving into specific email templates and what might have prevented them from being sent, it is always important to check that the email template itself is active. If an email template is inactive, it wouldn't send to any of your attendees or speakers. If you're unsure about how to check if an email template is active or not, this article has you covered.

Now that we have covered the basics, here are some other reasons why emails might not send.

Attendee Email Template Issues

Your attendee didn't receive 'A New Talk was Added' or 'Talk Cancelled' reminder

If your attendee hasn't received a reminder about a talk that was cancelled or a new talk that you have added, you should have a look at your Summit dates.

Both of these templates are considered 'in-event' email reminders, which means that they would only be sent while your Summit is running.

If you need to remind people that new talks have been added or that a talk was cancelled before your Summit starts, remember that you always have the option of manually emailing your attendees from your own email service provider.

Your attendees didn't receive their 'See You Soon' email

If your attendees haven't received their 'See You Soon' email template, you should check if your Summit is Evergreen or not (under Event Setup: Settings -> Event Basics).

Since HeySummit Evergreen Events don't have a technical start/end date, that causes any emails that depend on those triggers to not be sent.

Your attendees didn't receive their 'Daily Digest' email

If your attendees haven't received their 'Daily Digest' email, it could be because they haven't registered for any talks that day. This email includes the talks that are running that day that the attendee signed up for. If there's nothing to include, it won't be sent out.

Your attendees didn't receive their 1 hour/'We're Starting now' email reminders

If your attendees haven't received their talk reminders, that might be due to the fact that the affected talks were outside of your Event's start and end dates. To understand when those dates are you can always check the dates that are visible under Event Setup: Settings -> Event Basics (see Screenshot below). If your start and end dates do not reflect your first and last session/talk, please email [email protected] for further assistance.

Speaker Email Template Issues

Your speakers haven't received their 'Here are your Login Details' email

If you have attempted to send your speakers their login details, but you noticed that the Date Login Email Sent field doesn't update (under Content: Speakers) you should definitely check that your 'Please check your Speaker Details' email template is active.

It's important to make sure that both your attendee email templates, as well as your speaker email templates are active ahead of their trigger times.

Your speakers haven't received their 'Your Talk is in 24 hours/60 minutes' reminder emails

If your speakers haven't received their reminder emails for their sessions, you should check the Video Settings source associated with their session.

The speaker session reminders only go out if the session is connected to a Live Webinar provider that we have a direct integration with (for example, Zoom Webinar, BigMarker or LiveWebinar).

If you are using a Custom Stream video option with your talks, the speaker reminder emails would not get triggered. In these cases you will want to share the link to your custom stream with your speakers manually. This is especially relevant if you are using custom webinar providers or a solution such as Zoom Meetings.

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