Downgrading Your Subscription
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Your event is over, and you want to keep your account active so that attendees can access replays. You are considering downgrading your plan to save a bit of money and you want to know if downgrading your plan will affect many aspects of your event.

Here are some things to think about before downgrading.

  • Will the plan you downgrade to have enough of an attendee quota to fit your needs?

  • Have you utilised Custom CSS on your site?

  • Do you still have tickets available for purchase? If so and you are downgrading from the Business/Success Plan you will want to consider transaction fees.

  • Do you have more than 1 active Summit at a time?

You can absolutely downgrade your plan to keep your event active at a lower cost. Just be sure to review the plans to confirm all of your needs are covered.
A full list of comparisons can be found here.

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