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Understanding the roles and permissions in your event
Understanding the roles and permissions in your event
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You would like to add other people to your event - Team Members, Speakers, Hosts - but you're not sure what it all means, and what permissions they will have. Here we explain all the roles users can have and what they can do.

Quick Start

Event Organiser

We refer to the Event Organiser as the owner of the account and the event. This user can manage everything under their account and also add other users to the event. They are responsible for subscription billing and payments, they receive payouts and have control of overall event management.

Team Member

Users are added as Team Members only by the Event Organiser. They have full access to your event and can make changes to the event setup. You can edit what events they have access to under My Account > Teams. You can also edit whether or not they can access your payout info. Read more about adding team members.


You only need to set up a Host if you're using one of our native webinar integrations. When you create a Host, they will have full access to your event including adding other Hosts, creating and editing sessions, access to statistics from your event, and creating tickets and coupons. Hosts are primarily used to connect your HeySummit account with a webinar provider for your live sessions. There are a couple of things to note here:

  • Hosts don't have access to any other events or your billing information.

  • Not all Hosts need to have access to your event unless you grant them access by triggering the login email.

To add a Host to your event, head to Event Setup > Webinar Hosts > Add Host. After adding your Host information, click on the ... and select Send login details. Your Host will receive an email invitation to create an account or sign in to access your event. Learn more about connecting webinar accounts as Hosts.


Speakers are the people who will be contributing to your sessions - they may be presenting talks, acting as panelists, or contributing to meetings. Their roles and permissions within the session will be determined by your webinar or content provider platform, where they may be known as panelists (as in Zoom) or by another name.

Speakers can be added by the Event Organiser, Host, and Team member. They only have access to their Speaker Dashboard, where they can edit their profile information and their sessions. Speakers can also see the total amount of attendees registered to their talk but not the specific names or emails. Learn more about Speaker Dashboard.


These could be your attendees and Speakers who have signed up for your partner program to receive a commission for sharing your event. Once your attendee or Speaker signs up as an affiliate, they will have access to their Affiliate Dashboard. They have no access to your event settings. Learn more about affiliates.


These are the users who have registered or purchased a ticket for your event. They will have access to everything on the front end of your event except for the sessions they didn't purchase a pass for. Learn more about the attendee experience.

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