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Integrating HeySummit with a webinar platform
Integrating HeySummit with a webinar platform
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You run a Video Conferencing business and would like HeySummit to create an integration with your product. If you believe your API satisfies these requirements, please reach out to our integrations team.

Quick start

HeySummit needs your platform to have an API in place with the following abilities:

  1. Update account settings: HeySummit needs to be able to update a few key settings at the account level. For example, we would need to turn off email notifications. If you are able to offer a range of additional options that you already provide to your users, that would add even more value as HeySummit could configure them on behalf of our mutual users.

  2. Create webinar: HeySummit needs to be able to set the title, description, date & time, and timezone. Platforms that are able to expose additional settings would add additional value to our mutual users, in cases where HeySummit needs to make adjustments to an individual webinar entry. HeySummit requires this method to return an individuals' unique webinar ID, as well as the host, panellist and attendee join URLs.

  3. Add panellist (speaker) to webinar: Once a webinar has been created, HeySummit needs to be able to add a speaker to the webinar so that they are recognised as a presenter. In most cases wed simply expect to provide the name and email address of the speaker, but if your setup differs just let us know. HeySummit requires this method to return the unique panellist webinar URL so that we can provide that to the speaker.

  4. Delete webinar: HeySummit needs to pass the webinar ID and have it deleted on your end.

  5. Update webinar: HeySummit requires the same options as the Create Webinar method above, except HeySummit would pass the webinar ID of the record we would like to update. This is required in case a user changes the date or title of a talk.

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