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Understanding the user experience from a mobile device
Understanding the user experience from a mobile device
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You would like to know what your summit will look like on a mobile device and also are interested in how to navigate your way around.

Quick Start

Browsing through the event

As you might have seen on our accessibility doc, we're compatible with the latest 3 versions of Chrome on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Meaning your attendees can view all of your event pages and components from their device.

The event header links and the log-in option can be found by clicking the horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner.

Joining a talk

When joining a pre-recorded or live session that's embedded in a HeySummit talk page (e.g. a Youtube, Vimeo), the player will show up on full screen while playing.

If you're hosting a live session in a webinar provider, some platforms may require downloading an app to join the sessions.

Here's a list of some webinar providers who require an app to join from your mobile device:

  • GoToWebinar

  • Zoom

  • BigMarker (optional - browser and app available)

Webinars that can be accessed via a browser have certain limitations that we recommend learning more about in advance to share with your audience.

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