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Adding a Live Q&A following a pre-recorded talk
Adding a Live Q&A following a pre-recorded talk
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You are wondering how to boost attendee engagement and add value to your talks. Here is how to add a Q&A session.

Quick start

Firstly, you could set up a second talk (live), right after your first (pre-recorded), and make that your Live Q&A.


Schedule your pre-recorded talk as usual, and then afterwards, schedule another talk within your summit - this talk will be the live Q&A portion. At HeySummit, a 'talk' doesn't necessarily have to be a talk in the traditional sense (one speaker giving a presentation). While you upload your pre-recorded video via your video platform of choice (Vimeo, YouTube etc.), for your Q&A, you will need to set up a live integration (BigMarker or Zoom Webinar for example).
Be sure to include the link to the Q&A in your description of your pre-recorded talk and explain what it's for. This way, it's clear to all attendees that they should move to the live Q&A at the end of the talk. You could also suggest your speaker remind attendees of the session.
As an Event Organiser, the tools that you use with HeySummit are up to you, so you could also opt for a more integrated approach. On several of the live webinar integrations we offer, there are options to weave different segments of your events together. For example, on BigMarker, you have the option to pre-load video content, then speak live after it plays and add a Q&A section.

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