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Redirecting to a Thank You page after checkout
Redirecting to a Thank You page after checkout
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Whether it's special content, hidden discounts or a personalised video message, here's how you can direct attendees to a customised Thank You page.

Quick start

  1. Head to Event Setup > Settings

  2. Go to Registration & Checkout Settings, and click Update

  3. Enter the URL to the page you have created externally that you want attendees to be redirected to after checkout

If you do not want attendees to be led away from HeySummit to an external page, you can create a new page on HeySummit, build this out to look how you like, and re-direct attendees to this after completing checkout.

  1. To do this, head to Revenue > Tickets

  2. Click the "..." next to your ticket then select Manage Ticket

  3. In the Details section, create a new page by clicking the Create New button next to the Custom Confirmation Page field.

  4. Once saved, go back to the Tickets page then click the green icon next to your ticket to start editing the custom page.

  5. Click the 'Edit Page' icon on the lower left corner to start adding your components. For starters, you can then add the 'Ticket' component to promote your ticket in short period of time. (Pictured below)

6. Once you are satisfied on how it looks, simply exit the page editor to save the changes. You're all set!

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