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Building an external landing page
Building an external landing page
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While creating your summit, you would like to create an external landing page for your attendees to register but watch the talks on the HeySummit platform.

Quick start

If you are using an external form and want to bounce people into HeySummit with pre-filled information, then as long as your external form pushes your customer to your HeySummit pages with this ending,

name=FirstnameLastname&email=[email protected]

Then it will pre-fill that information.

Alternatively, if you are making an HTML form, you can set:

  • The method to GET

  • The action to your event URL

  • Call the fields name and email

Here are a few ways you may want to do this:

  1. Use ThriveCart as your landing page and have it connect to HeySummit.

  2. Build a landing page, and import the data into HeySummit manually using a formatted. CSV. To do this, go to Reporting and click the (...). Now select Import Attendees. You will want to format your. CSV according to the .CSV Template.

  3. When importing, it's important to note that you must only import a list of attendees that purchased the same ticket. When you import, we ask which ticket you are assigning them, and you can only choose one.

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