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How Speakers Can Access Comments on Their Talks
How Speakers Can Access Comments on Their Talks
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Are you a speaker who wants to access HeySummit comments to engage in Q&A with your audience?

Here's a simple guide for you:

  1. Log in to HeySummit as a speaker

  2. Locate the speaker dashboard on the left of the page

  3. Click the Manage drop-down menu on the upper right side of your page and select View My Speaker Page

  4. You will find a list of categories and talks on this page.

  5. You can click on any talk, and be redirected to the talk page where you can click on 'Join the discussion' to post comments

Participants have the convenience of accessing the presentation once it's been broadcasted, along with the ability to review the chat and comments. It's important to note that the chat feature is exclusively active during the live broadcast, transitioning to a read-only mode afterwards. On the other hand, comments remain accessible at all times, offering the speaker an ongoing opportunity to engage in discussions.

Moreover, in the event an attendee submits a comment (not a chat), a notification email will promptly be dispatched to the speaker. This ensures they are informed and can readily return to the talk page to provide a timely response.

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