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You notice our Success plan includes our advanced ticketing feature and would like to learn more about it. How does it work, and what does it mean? Read on to get all the deets.

Ticket restrictions are the attendee's permissions to get access or not to content. Remember that attendees can register for a session, meaning they'll receive email reminders or information about them. However, this doesn't mean they'll necessarily have access to them. Ticket ownership is what determines if they'll be able to access a session or not.

And ultimately, the restrictions you set for a ticket are the content your attendees will have access to. Here's more information if you'd like to create your first ticket.

Under all our plans, you can add a short description (using our rich text editor), add a number of tickets available, mark them as popular and hide tickets when sold out.

However, under our Starter and Growth plans, you can only apply the ticket to live and/or replay sessions.

Under our Success plan, you can customize your ticket permissions further. From restricting access to a specific number of talks to a specific talk(s), or a category/categories. Note that the information you select from the drop-down menus is the content your attendees will have access to only. Checked = Access.

You can also select a date you'd like the ticket to expire. Or you can make it dependent on the number of hours from the purchase, or each talk going live. Click on 'Expire By Date' under 'Expiry' to see the second option.

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