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Managing Your Speakers Settings
Managing Your Speakers Settings
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Determine the specific actions and modifications that speakers can carry out within their dedicated Speaker Dashboard. It's important to note that these options apply solely to speakers who have received invitations to access their personalized Speaker Dashboard.

Simply navigate to Contents > Speakers > click (...) on the top right corner of the page and select Settings.

Choosing a Preferred Timeslot:
You can enable this feature if you prefer to allow your speakers to select their timeslot preferences. Once enabled, you'll be prompted to configure the available date slots, along with the specified time, duration, and intervals between each slot.

Updating Their Speaker Details
You have the flexibility to determine whether your speakers are granted permission to update their speaker details. If you choose to enable this option, you can specify which aspects of their details they are allowed to modify.

Downloading Attendee Emails:
If you wish to grant speakers the ability to download the email addresses of attendees booked into their talk(s), you can enable this option. It's important to note that you are responsible for ensuring the speakers use the email list responsibly. Additionally, make sure you have clearly and legally communicated in your attendees' terms and conditions that their email addresses will be shared with the speakers. You can also restrict this feature to specific speakers only.

Additional Settings:

Additional options include hiding speakers without linked talks, providing the choice for speakers to opt for live or pre-recorded presentations, and allowing them to add offers and giveaways on their speaker dashboard, among other features.

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