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Adding speaker permissions, tickets or price options
Adding speaker permissions, tickets or price options
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While setting up your event, you would like to know how to adjust the permissions for speakers, tickets, and payments.

Quick start

After you have set up your Categories, Talks, and Speakers, it's finally time to ask yourself: should you give your speaker access to their Speaker Dashboard?

You can preview and edit what the speaker login email looks like by clicking on Emails > Speaker Emails.

You can edit the speakers' permissions by clicking on Content > Speakers > (...) > Settings. Consider what aspects of your summit you want your speakers to be able to access and edit.



  • Your speakers can access all promotional materials/swipe copy you make available

  • Your speakers can add and edit their speaker and talk details

  • Speakers can access their talk for free. This allows speakers to be able to comment under the video, logged in and labelled as the speaker, not just a regular attendee

  • Speakers can see their affiliate account for your summit

  • You will have to monitor speakers progress by manually checking if they updated their talk/speaker details

  • You will have to support your speakers in how to log in and use the Speaker Dashboard which adds to your amount of communication and troubleshooting

Tickets, please!

It's important that you think about your tickets when creating your first summit. Will you have a free event, a fully paid one, or a mixture? You can use our ticket configuration tool to impose attendee limits on many aspects of your event. Read our guide for detailed instructions on what your options are when setting up your ticket restrictions.

Please note that we currently show all tickets that are available at a given time on the site. You cannot create a ticket and only have it appear for a certain segment of your attendees, but you can limit the time that it is shown.

Make sure you always check your ticket permissions before your event goes live.

Note that Speakers are not automatically given access to talks that aren't theirs. If you want them to be able to watch other content, you could import them (if you are on the Business plan) or give them a coupon.

Always Sync Edits to All Purchases after making any changes to your tickets. This way, both new attendees and previous ticket-holders will be affected by the changes.

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