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HeySummit's Fair Usage Policy for Unlimited Plans
HeySummit's Fair Usage Policy for Unlimited Plans
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White labelling on HeySummit offers a unique opportunity for customers to seamlessly integrate their brand into the platform, providing a customized experience for their clients. This involves removing HeySummit's branding, a feature available in the Success plan. However, it's crucial to note that white-labeling is not supported on plans with unlimited attendees and events.

The unlimited nature of these plans raises concerns about potential misuse in creating numerous events with unlimited attendees, especially in an agency or white-label setup. To address this, HeySummit has implemented a Fair Usage Policy for plans with unlimited attendees and events.

Under the Fair Usage Policy, customers using HeySummit for personal or in-house business purposes will continue to enjoy the benefits of unlimited attendees and events. However, if a customer extends the use of their account to manage events for their clients or customers, HeySummit expressly prohibits such usage.

In the event of a customer intending to use their HeySummit account for client events, a conversion to a proper agency account becomes necessary. It's important to note that agency accounts are priced accordingly.

If you have questions or need assistance with converting your account to a proper agency setup, our team is here to help!

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