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Creating Bulk Discount Pricing For Your Tickets
Creating Bulk Discount Pricing For Your Tickets
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Consider applying bulk discounts when people buy a lot of tickets at once. This works well if you're aiming at businesses, groups, or charities. If you know your audience is likely to buy in bulk, you can encourage them by giving a bit of a discount for each ticket when they purchase a larger quantity. It's a great way to make buying in bulk more attractive!

To make this adjustment, just go to Revenue > Manage Ticket > Price tab if you want to apply it to your existing tickets.

Simply click the 'Add' button in the Bulk Purchase Range section to set a second price where you can specify an optional bulk price. In the example below, the second price is $45 each when an attendee buys at least 5 tickets but not more than 10.

You can choose not to set a maximum limit; it's up to you. You have the flexibility to configure either a minimum, maximum, or both, based on your preferences.

This is what it looks like on the checkout page:

Please note that if you disable the option for attendees to buy multiple tickets (you can configure this in Event Setup > Registration & Checkout), this feature won't be available.

Important things to note:
1. If a bulk purchase is detected during registration, an optional form will prompt the purchaser to assign tickets to other attendees by entering their names and email addresses. This step can be skipped if the details aren't available yet.

2. Attendees can transfer any of their ticket purchases to another person via their 'My Purchases' area. Note that each ticket can only be transferred once, and the recipient cannot re-transfer it.

3. Event organizers can manually transfer tickets on behalf of attendees. This is done through the 'Reports > Attendees' list, where you can manage tickets and initiate transfers.

In all scenarios, when a ticket is transferred, the new attendee will receive an email notification about the transfer.

To learn more about this fantastic feature, check out the video created by our CEO, Benjamin Dell. Watch it here.

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