Purchasing Add-Ons
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An add-on could literally be anything - from a 1hr consulting call to additional access to the event.

Attendees can purchase your add-ons during the checkout flow while buying their main ticket to the event. Or, they can purchase add-ons no matter where they are in your event and crucially, at any time!

Simply click the new 'Event Hub' quick access button at the bottom left of the screen and from there, attendees will see a button to browse all available add-ons.

Please note that this button will only appear if the event has available add-ons to sell.

To create your add-ons, simply navigate to Revenue > Add-Ons > + Create Add-Ons.

You can further enhance your landing page by including options for add-ons, directly benefiting your event's reach and financial goals. Simply navigate to the Page Editor > Components and select Add-on to add this feature to your landing page.

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