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What happens if I make a speaker or session "inactive"?
What happens if I make a speaker or session "inactive"?
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You have been creating your event, but some of your Speakers have not confirmed attendance, so you have disabled them or made them inactive so they won't be displayed on your Speaker line-up.

Maybe you're not sure about the sessions you've created and marked it as inactive.

When testing your session, you'll get a "Page Not Found" error if you try to navigate to that session page or Speaker profile. Once a session or Speaker record is made inactive, the page will not be made available for the public to view.

Keep reading below to fix this page error by re-activating the record.

Quick Start

  1. Navigate to Content> Speakers to make sure your Speaker for the session you are getting an error for is active.

  2. Click on the ... next to your Speaker and select Manage Speaker.

  3. Make sure the Active? box is ticked and click Save.

Now, let's check that your session is also active.

  1. Head to Content> Talks > (...) > Advanced settings.

  2. If your session is inactive, you will see an exclamation symbol in red as a warning.

  3. Make sure you tick the box called Is active? and click on Save.

The session and Speaker page will now be available to visit on your public site without error.

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