Magic Link Troubleshooting
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You've signed up for an exciting event, but now you're encountering a small hiccup—logging in isn't going as smoothly as expected. Don't worry, we're here to help you troubleshoot and get you on your way!

1. Multiple Login Emails? If you've clicked the 'Send Login Link' button more than once, you might find your inbox flooded with login emails. No panic – just be aware that clicking the link in an older email may not work. To fix this, click 'Request A New Magic Link' to generate a fresh one from the latest email in your inbox.

2. Lost in Spam? Sometimes, the login email might have landed in your Spam folder. If that's the case, make sure to mark the email as 'not spam' before using the link. Some email providers don't allow links to be clicked if the email is flagged as spam.

3. Missing the Login Email? If the login email is nowhere to be found in both your primary inbox and Spam folder, there could be a typo in your email address or some strict security measures in place. Reach out to your Event Organizer—they can check and edit your attendee details, ensuring everything is in order. Consider asking them to update your email address to a personal one for smoother email delivery.

If you're still stuck, your Event Organizer is your go-to person for additional assistance. They're ready to help you navigate any remaining hurdles.

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