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Embedding a Live Zoom Session On Your Talk
Embedding a Live Zoom Session On Your Talk
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You want to embed Zoom into HeySummit (integrate Zoom directly on your summit page), rather than have attendees click on the 'Watch Now' button to open Zoom in a new tab in your browser or in the app. Maybe this is for ease of use, or because you want to work around a capacity limit with your Zoom license.

While technically it's possible to embed Zoom directly into the HeySummit talk page, we recommend using Zoom and broadcasting that onto a livestream or YouTube - HeySummit supports Vimeo Live and YouTube Live.

So why do we recommend linking Zoom to Vimeo or YouTube - and then embedding those links to your talk page?

  1. Embedding from Zoom directly limits you to 360p, so visually the talk will not be as clear as it would be as sending attendees to Zoom directly.

  2. Audio and video are not handled as well through a web browser. Most browsers do not allow users to turn on their Camera and Sound for Zoom.

Do note, that only the video and audio feed will be embedded in the talk page. Features like polls, breakout rooms, Q&A, chat, etc. won't be available to attendees watching the content this way.

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