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Disable Sharing of YouTube or Vimeo Videos Off-Platform
Disable Sharing of YouTube or Vimeo Videos Off-Platform
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You've set up your pre-recorded videos on HeySummit and want to make sure no one can share the links from Youtube, Vimeo, or your video provider - making sure people have to buy a ticket to see your amazing content.

HeySummit will limit an attendee's ability to watch a video embedded in an event page based on their ticket restrictions. However, almost all of the settings for privacy and sharing exist within your video provider and not within HeySummit.

YouTube: Until recently, you could disable the "share" button and prevent people from navigating to the YouTube page hosting the video by amending the embed code. In a recent update, this option has been disabled, and there is now no way to prevent sharing embedded videos via YouTube.

Please note: setting your video to Private on YouTube means none of your attendees will be able to view it. Find out more about how to set up recorded YouTube videos.

Vimeo: If you have a Vimeo Plus, Pro, Business or Premium account, you can choose to hide this video from within your Vimeo settings. This means that even with the video link, no one will be able to watch the content on and instead will only be able to see it where you have embedded it.

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