How to start a HeySummit trial
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After reading the information on our website, you are interested in trying out HeySummit for an upcoming event.

Quick Start

Head to our pricing page to check out our current plans and their features, pick one and start a free 2-week trial at any level.

Please note that if you enter your card details when signing up, you'll automatically start your paid plan after the 2-week trial is over. We will email to remind you and you can always cancel your account before that happens.,

If you're new to HeySummit, you might want to read through some of the support resources we offer.


What happens if you don't add a credit card?

Your account will remain active for a few days after the trial is over until it's disabled.

I added my credit card and I still see an unpaid balance?

This is because right after your trial is over, HeySummit will create and send an invoice to your email address to pay for the account. These will accumulate until the account is disabled completely. If you add your credit card after we created more than one invoice, the platform will automatically charge you for the latest invoice but the previous ones will remain outstanding.

To settle your account, contact us at [email protected]

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