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How do I log in to my event?
How do I log in to my event?
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You have registered for the event but you are not sure where to log-in or where to find more information.

Quick Start

After you have entered the event URL link into your navigation bar, you will see the event's landing page.

On the top right-hand corner of the site click Login.

Make sure you have selected I'm an attendee and enter the email address used at registration.

Once logged in, you will be redirected to your personal Schedule.

Here you can see the sessions you've selected when completing the registration, and you can also export them to your personal calendar.

Now, you can navigate the event and head to the event's Schedule if you'd like to see all the available content. You can also select the Speakers tab if you want to learn more about the hosts for this event.

If there's a session you've added to your schedule but don't have a ticket to access, you can navigate back to the Book my place tab and complete checkout for a different pass.

You can see your purchases by clicking on the dotted menu ... and selecting My Purchases.

Here you will see the tickets you've purchased for the event. You can also refer back to your purchases when you're not sure which ticket you own and the restrictions it has.

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