Restricting Event Sign-Ups
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You want to limit registrations to just people within your company. Or maybe you want to block people from using a non-work email address. Maybe you deleted an attendee that was giving you trouble and you want to prevent them from signing up again. You can use the steps below to set up restrictions on what email addresses people can use to sign up for your event.

  1. Head to Event Setup > Registration & Checkout Settings.

  2. Scroll to Registration Restrictions.

  3. If you want to only allow people with a certain email domain to register for your event, use the field Only allow Emails That Include. To allow more than one, use the enter key to start a new line and type in another email domain in the same field. It can be formatted as a whole email address ([email protected]), or just as the domain ( If you want to only allow specific people to register, use their full email address. If you want to allow anyone from that domain, use the domain.

  4. If you want to block certain email addresses from signing up, e.g. a non-work email address (that uses,, etc), you can use the field Reject Emails That Include. You can also block specific email addresses with this option, e.g. [email protected]).

  5. You can use either of these options, or both. If you're using either option, you must set up a message for users to see if they enter a blocked email address during registration, using the Message to Show When Email Address Isn't Allowed field.

  6. Don't forget to click Save and you're all set!

Note that if a user registers for your event before you put these restrictions in place, they'll still be able to log into your event and access content according to their ticket after this change. E.g. someone with the email address '[email protected]' signs up and the next day you configure your settings to restrict anyone with '' email addresses from signing up, '[email protected]' will still be able to access your event as they already signed up.

If you don't want an attendee to have access anymore, make sure to delete their attendee record.

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