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Restricting One Ticket per Attendee
Restricting One Ticket per Attendee
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You have a limited ticket to a specific amount of content and want to prevent attendees from buying more than one or maybe you have a free ticket that you've set up to restrict the user to only be able to view a certain number of talks. You probably don't want an attendee with this ticket to be able to go through registration a second time with the same email address and get another of the same ticket to watch more content.
Read our steps below to enable this option.

  1. Head to Revenue > Tickets.

  2. Select the dotted menu for your ticket (...) then select Manage Ticket.

  3. Go to the Restrictions section to toggle the feature for Restrict to One Per Attendee? and click Save.

If an attendee who already holds one of these tickets goes through registration again, they won't be able to select the same ticket again:

You can re-word what this button will say under Content > Translations > Tickets.

Attendees will still be able to go through registration and secure a different ticket type with the same email address.

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