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Featuring a Talk On Your Home Page
Featuring a Talk On Your Home Page
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You'd like to highlight some of your awesome content. Perhaps, you'd like to make sure your attendees sign up for these sessions and add them to their schedules. Use our 'Featured Talks' component on your landing page to bring out your talks.

Here's how you can mark your talks as featured:

  1. On your dashboard, head to Content > Talks.

  2. Select the talk by the speaker you want to feature.

  3. Click on the '...', then Advanced Settings.

  4. Make sure the box 'Is featured' is ticked.

  5. Click Save. You're all set!

After you've marked your sessions as featured, you can add our 'Featured Talks' component.

  1. Head to your Event Hub on your front page, and then click on Edit Page.

  2. Go to Components and under Pre-Built Components, drag and drop the Featured Talks box.

This is how your sessions will be displayed using our component.

When your attendees are going through the registration process and you have enabled the require attendees to choose talks under Registration & Checkout Settings, your featured talks will be displayed first on the list when your attendees choose a category these talks fall under.


What if they select a category my featured talk is not under?

They will see the session closest to start under the category they selected.

What if my featured talk is a replay?

We only display upcoming sessions during registration. However, your replay will still show up in the 'featured talks' component.

What if I don't have the 'require attendees to choose talks' on?

Attendees will skip this step. They will choose a ticket and jump to the last step and finish the checkout process.

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