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Customizable Donations for Event Fundraising
Customizable Donations for Event Fundraising
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Elevate your event-organizing experience with HeySummit's innovative feature designed to empower event organizers to champion non-profit initiatives and raise funds for specific causes. Our Customizable Donations feature seamlessly integrates into your event's ticketing process, offering a powerful tool for organizers to contribute to meaningful causes and support both internal and external fundraising efforts.

Flexible Donation Options:

Tailor your fundraising strategy with HeySummit's flexible donation options. Choose from fixed donation amounts, such as $5 or $10, to provide a straightforward and convenient way for attendees to contribute. Alternatively, empower your community by allowing them to enter their donation amount, catering to a diverse range of contributors.

Seamless Integration with Event Ticketing:

Streamline the donation process by seamlessly integrating the donation feature into your existing ticketing system. This user-friendly approach enables attendees to contribute effortlessly during their ticket purchase, enhancing the overall attendee experience.
To begin creating your donation, go to Revenue > Donations and click on + Create Donation.

You can further enhance your landing page by including options for donations, directly benefiting your event's reach and financial goals. Simply navigate to the Page Editor > Components and select Donations to add this feature to your landing page.

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