Setting up Speakers as Affiliates
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While setting up your event, you would like to know how to specify that speakers should be set up as affiliates. Previously, the default is that they are not, in case organisers don't want to share revenue with speakers.

Quick start

  1. Head to your account dashboard and choose your event. Then click Revenue > Affiliates > Settings > Update.

  2. Alternatively, click on the Content > Speakers > Settings.

  3. Make sure to tick the checkbox Auto Set Speakers as Affiliates? option.

  4. Once set, all existing speakers are linked to an affiliate account (if not already linked).

  5. Note that if you later untick that option, it will only impact new speakers added - those that were previously set up as an affiliate are not suddenly stripped of their affiliate status and rights.

If the speaker is also an affiliate they will also have a new Affiliate Dashboard link in the sidebar, which will load the Affiliate Dashboard directly within their Speakers area. From here, they can track referrals and sales and also update their PayPal payout address.

Please note that it is your responsibility to pay the affiliates. To track the commission payments you need to make each month, head to Revenue > Affiliate Payouts:

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