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Calendar Integration for Attendees
Calendar Integration for Attendees
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Your attendees have signed up for your HeySummit event and you want to make sure no one misses out on any of the awesome sessions.
Here's a quick guide on how they can add these sessions to their calendars:

After they've signed up for their selected talks, simply click on "Add to Calendar." They'll find user-friendly options available for Google, Apple, and iCal calendars.

If they prefer to add specific talks individually, they can click on the "Add Individual Talks" link.
If you want to hide the "Add to Calendar" option and guide your attendees to add individual talks, you can enable the 'Hide 'Add All' Options?' in the Page Editor.

Each attendee will also receive a dedicated email specifically to block off their calendar for the entire event duration, increasing the likelihood of their attendance. The calendar invite is being sent simultaneously with the 'Here's your schedule' email. Depending on the email and calendar client the attendee is using, this will often result in the event being added to their calendar automatically. If not, the attendee simply needs to click the 'Accept' link directly within the email invite they receive.

Please note that the calendar invite will not be sent if the attendee did not add any talks to their schedule.

This straightforward process ensures that your attendees stay organized and don't miss out on any valuable sessions.

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