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Arranging Speakers in your Desired Order
Arranging Speakers in your Desired Order
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You have a great speaker line-up, but you want to make sure your keynote speaker appears at the top of the list on your event page.

  1. You can prioritise speakers through our VIP and VIP(B) system.

  2. These refer to the placement of your speakers on your event page - the VIP is listed first, and VIP(B) is second. All other speakers are listed in a random order afterwards. There is no way for your speakers or attendees to see whether or not they've been marked as VIPs or not.

  3. If you set a speaker to be a VIP, their name would always be at the top of any list. VIP(B) is used if you have lots of speakers, and you want to guarantee that a set of speakers is listed before anyone else.

  4. To do this, head to Content> Speakers click on the (...) next to your Speaker and select Manage Speaker, go to Settings, and check the box for VIP and VIP(B) accordingly.

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