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Adding a Facebook Pixel to your site
Adding a Facebook Pixel to your site
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Pixel tracking can help you monitor leads, purchases, and conversions whilst you are running your conference. You are a user of Facebook Pixel and would like to track your HeySummit page using it.

Quick start

  1. Go to Event Setup > Integrations > Pixel Tracking > Add Provider.

  2. Select Facebook.

  3. Add the tracking code under the Tracking Provider Code.

  4. You can then choose to customise how you want the code to track/appear on Facebook by customizing the Pixel Events.

Verifying your domain

Depending on your Facebook setup, you may be asked to verify your domain. If you are using a HeySummit sub-domain for your event (i.e. such as then you will not be able to verify the domain since you do not own In most cases it should be OK to skip the domain verification step in Facebook.
If you still want to verify (or need to for a particular reason) then you will first need to setup your HeySummit event to use a custom domain rather than the standard HeySummit sub-domain. You can do this by heading to "Event Setup" and clicking into the "Event Domain" section.

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