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Troubleshooting Custom Domain Access
Troubleshooting Custom Domain Access
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You were setting up your Custom Domain for your event and all of a sudden are seeing an error when you try to visit your event site.

  1. The first step is to log into your event using the original HeySummit subdomain. This is the original URL of your event site. It can be found under Event Setup > Settings > Event Domain > HeySummit subdomain. If you cannot access this settings area and you don't remember what the HeySummit subdomain is, email [email protected] and we can help you with this.

  2. Head to Event Setup > Settings > Event Domain and delete what you have entered in the Custom Domain field.

  3. You can then start configuring your CNAME DNS record again, following the steps in our handy help doc.

  4. Once you've made a change to your DNS record, you can then go back to your HeySummit settings and update the Custom Domain field under Event Setup > Settings > Event Domain to match your chosen subdomain, and hit Save.

Top tips:

  • Make sure '' is in the data field of the CNAME record in your DNS provider. By doing so, you are telling our system that you will be redirecting a user to HeySummit. You can use this site to check where your CNAME is pointing.

  • Be sure to complete these steps in the order listed above - this is important.

  • Note that it can take up to 48 hours for a DNS record to propagate globally, so you may not immediately see the results.

​Important Things To Note:
Once the TXT records have been generated you have up to 24 hours to add the DNS records and verify them. If later than that, the TXT records may have been regenerated, requiring you to add the newly updated ones to your DNS records.
Please also note that as your DNS provider is external to HeySummit, our ability to help troubleshoot problems off-platform is limited. If you need direction in configuring your CNAME, we recommend reaching out to your DNS provider's support team.

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