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Using Crowdcast For Pre-Recorded Talks
Using Crowdcast For Pre-Recorded Talks
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Crowdcast is designed to be as quick and painless as possible with easy setup, a single URL, and no required downloads for attendees. You can use our Embed Code option after creating the event meeting within Crowdcast. That way your attendees won't be redirected and instead will stay within the HeySummit page, providing a seamless attendance experience.

  1. Create your New Event with Crowdcast.

  2. Once your event is created in the top right corner, click Share.

  3. Copy the Embed Code

  4. Choose the session you are looking to use your webinar platform for. If you are looking to set up a session, select Content > Talks.

  5. On the right-hand side of the talk you want to connect, click the ... menu icon to display the available actions you can perform. Click on the Manage Talk link.

  6. Select Pre-recorded - even if your session is live, this setting will still work and will allow the embed.

  7. Add your embed ID under your Pre-recorded field. You should replace 'height="800"' with 'height="410"' in the Pre-recorded video ID (or URL) field.

  8. Click Save, and you're all set.

When the session starts, your attendees will be redirected to register with Crowdcast using their email, Twitter, Facebook, Google, or Apple ID. Your attendees will also need to enter their names.

Please note, that since this is not a Native integration, your HeySummit registrations won't sync automatically with Crowdcast. Your attendees will need to register on the platform to enter the session.

Important Things To Note:

​Check-in early!

If you'd like a quick mic and camera check before the session starts, make sure you and your Speakers join before the session starts.

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