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How To Embed a Livestream In Your Event
How To Embed a Livestream In Your Event
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You want to embed a live stream into your summit. Great news - this is now possible with HeySummit!

  1. Create a new live stream video on your chosen platform - YouTube or Vimeo.

  2. Schedule a new talk on HeySummit as usual under Content > Talks.

  3. Click on the '...' next to the talk.

  4. Choose Manage Talk > Live Stream.

  5. Choose either Vimeo or YouTube.

  6. If you've chosen Vimeo or YouTube, fill in the Video ID (not the full URL).

  7. If you selected YouTube or Vimeo, you can choose to check the box Auto-embed Stream Chat. This way, the live stream chat is displayed under the talk description, overriding the HeySummit chat or custom JavaScript (only before & during the streaming, when the replay is configured, it won't show).

- To use Vimeo or YouTube LiveChat, make sure Comments are enabled for your event in Event Setup > Settings > Talk & Replay Experience.

You can also embed other types of live streams.

  1. Head to Content > Talks > ... > Manage Talk > Live Stream

  2. Click on Embed Code.

  3. After creating your livestream in your provider, you'll be able to paste the embed code into the Embed Code field and press Save!

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