Having created your sessions and added your Speakers, you now need to decide how you want your talks to be broadcast. If you want to broadcast at-least one of the talks via Webex, you will first need to connect your Webex account.

Quick Start

Make sure you are logged in first as the Event Organiser and navigate to your Dashboard.

  1. Click on Event Setup > Webinar Hosts > + Add Host.
  2. Enter the name for this account and the email registered under your webinar account.


3. Once created, you will see that your host is not connected. Click connect. 

4. Select Webex as the webinar provider you'd like to connect.

5. Sign-in to your Webex account.

6. After the connection was successful, you'll see the text Active next to your host and the webinar provider that is connect to them.

7. To manage your account, click on the (...) next to your Host.

Top tip: remember you might need more than one Host account for your event depending on your Webinar Provider account permissions and HeySummit setup. It's worth checking whether your webinar provider account can accommodate simultaneous sessions and the number of attendees you are expecting.

Having trouble? Find out more about troubleshooting errors connecting your webinar provider.