If HeySummit detects an issue with your Zoom account, we will send you an email and alert you from within your HeySummit dashboard. In most cases, simply reconnecting your Zoom account is all that is needed. However, if you consistently re-connect only to have it disconnect a few minutes later, then it might indicate an issue with your Zoom account that needs addressing. 

Possible Causes (and solutions)

  1. You have removed or revoked your HeySummit connection from within your Zoom account. Review your installed apps by heading to If you cannot see HeySummit listed in this list, or it is showing as being disconnected, then head back into HeySummit and reconnect your Zoom account by heading to Event Setup > Webinar Hosts. Re-connecting should resolve the issue.
  2. You do not have the correct permissions needed to use the Zoom API. If you are part of a team within your Zoom account, then your account might have the wrong role attached. To resolve this, head to and make sure that your account belongs to the Admin role. Once you have been added to this role, head back into HeySummit and re-connect your Zoom account as normal.