You'd like to use Vimeo's latest new feature, webinars. Here's more information from their site about webinars and how it works. 

Quick Start

After, you've created the webinar in your Vimeo account.

  1. Click on the link icon to copy the invitation link. It should look something like this
  2. The webinar ID is 1496277.

3. Head to your talk's Video Settings to add this information under Custom Stream> Custom URL.

Please note that your attendees will be asked to register before watching the webinar. You could also add more questions if you'd like to collect more data. Currently, there isn't an option to turn this setting off on Vimeo.

Things to look out for

  • Currently, Vimeo webinars only have two privacy settings, Only me and Public. Make sure yours is set up for Public, or the stream won't be available for your attendees. You can later switch the settings once the recording is ready in your video library.
  • Ensure you have enabled the live chat in the webinar.

4. After your live session, make sure you add your Replay Details since the ID changes, and the recording won't be available automatically.

Your recording will be available under your video library, and you can grab the new ID by clicking on the link icon. For example, the ID for this webinar would be all the numbers after the forward-slash 644989019.

You can now switch your Privacy settings from Public to Hide from Vimeo and Embed to a specific website as a recording.

Vimeo Webinar live chat

If you'd like to use Vimeo's live chat, make sure you enable it when 'managing production' and you should see the chat below the talk description.