You're an Event Organizer or a Team Member wanting to view an event that you know was created but you can't see it on your dashboard.

 Quick Start

Scenario 1: A Team Member has cloned an existing event but can't see it on the dashboard

  • If a Team Member clones an event, they then don't technically have permission to view and edit the event yet. The permission has to be granted by the Event Organizer. 

Scenario 2: An Event Organizer has created a new event but a Team Member can't view it

  • The Team Member does not have permission to view this event yet and this will need to be granted by the Event Organizer. 

How to solve the above scenarios

The Event Organizer can edit permissions of Team Members by logging in, heading to My Account > Team, and clicking on the blue Access button under each Team Member. From there you can toggle which events they have access to.