Do you want to host your live sessions on Introvoke? Here's a step-by-step guide on how to connect it to HeySummit.

If you already have an Introvoke account and would like to connect it to HeySummit in order to host your live content - here are the steps that you'll have to take:

Please note: Once created, the Introvoke Speaker URL is sent to the speaker before the talk is scheduled to go live via email. Also note that attendee emails (e.g. Daily Digest, schedule, reminder and replay emails) never include the exposed links to webinars or live streams for privacy reasons. The attendee emails will only include the link to the HeySummit talk page where attendees will be able to access the content (if they have the right ticket permissions).

Quick Start

Firstly, you will have to Add a Host.

  1. When setting up Introvoke for your live talks, begin by creating your Host. To set up your Introvoke Host for your talk, go to Event Setup > Hosts. A Host is someone that will host a talk for your event. The Host may or may not be the speaker or presenter of the talk, but they are required to connect to your webinar provider.

  2. To add a Host, click on the Add Host button at the bottom of the page and enter their name and email information.

Secondly, you'll have to Link an Introvoke Account to the Host

  1. Once the host record has been created, you'll notice a link next to Connect Webinar Provider. Click this button to go to the Webinar Provider settings page.

  2. You'll see the host you just added and a few options for integration providers on this page. To connect your Introvoke Account, click the Introvoke button.

  3. You will need your Client Key and Secret Key to connect Introvoke to HeySummit. Remember that you can find the Key information on your Introvoke account under Integration > API > HeySummit.

4. Once you click Save and the account is connected, you should see a green banner on the Introvoke button on the HeySummit page that states 'Active'.

Thirdly, now that you've created your host and linked it to Introvoke, you can start to Connect that Host to your HeySummit sessions in order to automatically create events within Introvoke. If you need help with how to set up a HeySummit session, you can check our article here.

Please note that you would need to have a session that is scheduled to happen in the future to be able to connect a webinar provider. Connecting Introvoke to Replays wouldn't work. Here are the steps on how to connect Introvoke to a specific session:

  1. Once the Speaker and Talk are created on HeySummit, return to the talks list and identify the Talk you want to connect to Introvoke. You can find your scheduled talks under Content > Talks in the left sidebar.

  2. On the right-hand side of the Talk, you want to connect to Introvoke, click the menu icon (...) to the available actions you can perform. Click the Video Settings link.

  3. On the next screen, you have three options for broadcasting the talk. When using Introvoke, select the Live Webinar option. Next, select the Introvoke-linked host that you previously created and click the Save button.

  4. Once you connect the Introvoke host, you'll see two statuses next to the talk: Creating Live Webinar and Ready. Once a talk shows Ready, that means it was created within Introvoke and is connected to HeySummit. When a session is ready, you will also be able to see the Introvoke event link next to it.

Each session you create in HeySummit (and that you link to the Host that you connected to on Introvoke account) will be synced to Introvoke. When this happens, a unique event will be created on your Introvoke account for the specific HeySummit session. The session's title, description, and date/time are used when creating the Introvoke event. Also, any speakers you have linked to the session will be added.

Some things to remember:

Please note that your attendees will see the Introvoke screen embedded on the HeySummit Session page (see below).

We recommend leaving a good amount of buffer time between configuring your video settings for a Session and the time it will go live to allow the connection to propagate.

As a Host, you can get the link to start the Introvoke session from Hosting > Schedules. We would recommend making sure that you have a list of those links that you can share with your hosts before the event is set to start.

Please note that Speakers wouldn't be able to start the Introvoke sessions themselves.

If you're offering Replays, Introvoke records your event automatically and adds it back into HeySummit.

Useful Contact Information:

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Phone: Introvoke offers 24/7 Live Event support to all of our customers. To get in contact with an on-call team member, please call: +1 (855) 997-1926