After creating your event, you would like another set of eyes to make sure everything is set up correctly. Our Pre-Event Diagnostic add-on can help you with that.

Quick Start

  1. Navigate to your account's Billing page and select Purchase Add-ons under Plan Features.
  2. Select Pre-Event Diagnostic add-on and select Review Order and complete your payment.

Once you've purchased the add-on, a HeySummit event specialist will reach out to you to schedule a one-to-one call and go over your event and a report we've previously created about your event.

What is this for?

This is for the Event Organiser's peace of mind. Once your event is ready, we review your event and go through all settings to ensure everything is set up correctly and there's nothing missing. If everything looks great, we also make some suggestions or recommendations to enhance your event to ensure you're getting the most out of the platform and nothing is missing.

What does it include?

The one-time payment includes the custom report and a 45-minute call with one of our agents. During this call, we will go over the report we sent before the call to give you some time to update your event. We will talk through any last-minute updates or troubleshooting during this call.

What happens to any updates after the report/call?

After we've sent the report and had our call, we cannot be responsible for any changes made since we wouldn't have had eyes on them. However, if you do have any questions, please get in touch with us at to make sure everything is working correctly before you go live.