Our Customer Success team is here to help you with any queries you may have. To help you set up your summit, you might like to look at the support channels below. 

The Community
Our wider HeySummiteers Community is filled with newbies and experienced HeySummiteers alike. They're an active bunch of helpful people willing to share their experiences and give each other hints and tips along the way. Running a successful summit can be stressful, but you're never alone. Give generously of your time and wisdom, and you'll see that others are more than willing to do the same.

We're here to help - all of our knowledge right at your fingertips. Ask questions. Browse articles. Find answers.

Can't find what you're looking for in our Knowledge Base? Reach out to our Customer Support team for help via email. Screenshots are always helpful, or you could even screen record with a voiceover of your questions.

Do you have quick-fire questions? Hop on our live support team call to learn live.

An ongoing series helping you to learn how to use HeySummit. I'd recommend starting with this gem from our founder, Benjamin Dell. If you're just starting out, a recording of our Summit in 60 Minutes session will be great help on setting up an event for the first time.