You're a keen user of Remo, and have chosen to use its integration with HeySummit. It can sometimes can confusing using two platform - changes you made on one platform might not be reflected on the other, for example.

Read on for a summary on how this integration works, and which platform to use for editing your talk details.

Quick start

If you're looking to make edits to your talk, it can be tricky to decide whether to do it via your Remo or HeySummit account. Here's how the two platforms communicate your edits:

  1. First things first - when HeySummit creates your Remo talk, it sends Remo all the details
  2. So it goes from You > HeySummit > Remo.
  3. However, once this talk is created, you can edit your talk on Remo directly, or choose to stick to HeySummit. Do remember to stick to editing everything on one platform only.
  4. For example, if you, the event organiser, change something on Remo (such as your image) and then proceed to go onto HeySummit and change something on there, it will overwrite the initial image change you made on Remo.

Do note that your decision will also determine which platform is best positioned to help with any issues you may encounter. For example, if you've been editing your talk details on Remo directly, it is best to contact them to help with any glitches or bumps along the way.