You've got a thing for video. VidYard is a great video-hosting platform, and you want to upload a VidYard video to your event as Pre-Recorded content or as a Replay for your Live content. You've come to the right place!

Quick start

Setting up a pre-recorded session.

  1. Head to Content > Talks.
  2. In the new window, click the Add Talk button located at the bottom of the screen, then choose your Speaker and enter the Talk Title, Date and Time of the Talk and finally, select at least one category. Ensure the date is set in the future. The time for the talk is set by clicking on the timepiece icon below the calendar.
  3. Once that's done, return to your list of talks and identify the talk you just created.
  4. On the right hand side of the talk you want to edit, click the three dots (...) and then Video Settings.
  5. On the next screen, you have 3 options for broadcasting the talk. When using Vidyard, select the Pre-Recorded option.
  6. Now, choose Vidyard and enter the video ID in the Pre-recorded video ID box. Your ID is the part that comes after the last '/' in your share URL provided by Vidyard, e.g. for

    '', the ID to enter in HeySummit is 'c8piMVytbcGadn31rH4Dk1?'.

  7. Press Save
  8. Don't forget to preview your page to make sure the right video is embedded on the HeySummit talk page.

You're all set. 

Top tip: Be sure to check that you've configured your Vidyard privacy settings to suit your needs (check out their help doc on this here).