You're thinking of using our platform to host your next event. But you're confused - do you need an account on a separate webinar platform to use HeySummit? Is it the same for both live and pre-recorded talks?

Quick start

In short - yes! HeySummit itself cannot be used to host your videos.

As a HeySummit event organizer, you can choose which video host (for pre-recorded content) or webinar platform (for live content) you'd like to work with. Check out all the providers we integrate with.

It's best to think of HeySummit as handling all the wrap-around management of an online conference - the attendee management, tickets, schedules, giveaways, landing page, asset creation, speaker and affiliate management and analytics. Then, we plug into your webinar platform of choice.

HeySummit has a great variety of event organizers who are delivering anything from tutorials to fireside chats, panel discussions, or trade fairs.

Getting to choose your webinar solution or video platform means that you decide what suits your audience and speakers best. It may be Zoom Webinar, BigMarker, or Livewebinar, or perhaps you want to play with virtual networking on for live talks and video-hosting sites from Vimeo to YouTube for pre-recorded content.

HeySummit helps you knit these experiences together into a cohesive event, tying together tricky aspects like attendee management, offers, ticket set up and giveaways, amongst others.

And don't worry if you're new to all this, we'll guide you through the process of setting these integrations up - just head to our Knowledge Base!